In 1975, by a great passion of the founder of the family Alessandria, started a company unique in the world, specialized in the production of miniatures soon positioned at the top the “world’s smallest miniatures”.
Over the decades, the passion evolved heading towards a new type of products:


Miniatures, that replicate in three-dimensions and perfectly equal to the original package of food and non food of famous brands, and made with permanent and imperceptible magnets that enriche their perfection and particularity. The magnetic miniatures are added to the range of the other miniatures produced before, but immediately capture in fully the passion of collectors.
The magnetic miniatures are the most simple and direct way to bring the products of mass consumer brands in the houses of collectors and are an easy way to get free and continous publicity for those companies who have licensed them. Albotrade sas, working with professionalism and strong of decades of experiences, get licenses by big companies and reproduces, with increasing success, an impressive range of magnetic miniatures, made 100% in Italy by specialized personnels, using materials of first quality and technology. These miniatures are sold in medium-high level stores, through a well structured network that achieves excellent coverage in Italy and in some European and World Countries, where the Italian prestige is enormously and tangibly appreciated.


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L’Artigiano in Fiera è l’occasione imperdibile di acquistare, vedere e toccare prodotti artigianali provenienti da tutto il mondo, autentici, originali e di primissima qualità, introvabili altrove.

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